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Topic: ADI-648 - do I have a faulty unit?

Hi forum, I was wondering if anyone who has the same unit could shed some light on this issue I've noticed.

I have a ADI-648 mk2 that I have connected between my HDSP Raydat and DA converter (through one coaxial cable to the MADI input on the DA converter). I have done no routing in the ADi's matrix router (it is completely turned off) and I'm running at 48k. For years I have had no issues with this setup and and everything has been working as expected.

I recently also connected my ADI to another interface, a SPL Madicon (through the previously unused optical ports on the ADI), to be be able to send 32 channels in parallel both to my DA converter and to another computer running Pro Tools. To my surprise, the signal sent through the optical MADI is copying everything that is on ADAT input channels 1-2 to MADI outputs 3-32 as well. This happens only on channels 1-2. The duplicate MADI signal going through the coaxial cable to my DA converter does not do this and works as it has always done.

I thought it might be a bad cable or something, but then I discovered that if I connect any ADAT source to the ADAT 8 input on the ADI everything works as expected again. The ADAT input signal on 1-2 is no longer being split to the MADI 1-32 outputs.

It feels odd to me that there would be a different routing going through the coaxial MADI output vs the optical at the same time. Is this something faulty with my unit or am I missing something?



Re: ADI-648 - do I have a faulty unit?

Coaxial madi output and optical madi output are parallel and have the same signals.

Please try this :
Durch gleichzeitiges Drücken des INPUT und OUTPUT SELECT Tasters wird der Matrix Router auf das Standard-Routing zurückgesetzt, welches dem deaktivierten Matrix Router entspricht.
Push the two buttons at once.
Input Select and Output Select.

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Re: ADI-648 - do I have a faulty unit?

Thank you for confirming that. I have tried resetting the router by pressing both those buttons (and even disabling it altogether) but the issue is still there.


Re: ADI-648 - do I have a faulty unit?

Such a behaviour difference is not known and not logical. There is only one router matrix. It can not have different routings to coax output and optical output. So something in your observation/description seems wrong. Did you check that the Madiccon does not have a mode to copy the channels as you see it?

Adding ADAT input 8 changes the MADI output format from 56 channels to 64 channels. The Madicon seems to recact on that.

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Re: ADI-648 - do I have a faulty unit?

Based on what you both are saying it seems to me that the Madicon is doing something with the signal rather than the ADI being the cause. Maybe it's only able to correctly receive a MADI signal in the 64 channel format. I'll look into the Madicon documentation more and see if I can figure it out. Thanks for the wonderful support as always.

Re: ADI-648 - do I have a faulty unit?

It may be a 56ch 64ch problem. My 648 put out 56 channel Madi, if no adat input 8 was present. There is a newer firmware that lets the ADI648 put out 64ch Madi all the time.

As far as I remember correctly. I had much trouble with 56channel Madi and Protools SSL Madi interfaces...