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Topic: Adi-2 Pro fs as digital volume control + da/ad loop


At the moment I am driving the speakers unbalanced from the headphones out with the feed from optical input and at the same time I'm using the main ad/da as a analog insert point (in daw) that I feed from Aes.

At the moment I don't have digital speakers.
But if I were to update my speaker configuration to something that has digital inputs I have a few questions:

Can older Adi-2 pro fs be used as a volume control for speakers that have Aes input. And at the same time to have ad/da conversion loop on optical connections?

The Idea is to have premium analog insert point in daw and a control for speakers with digital input and if possible also to have headphones with the same feed as the speakers.


Re: Adi-2 Pro fs as digital volume control + da/ad loop

If you look at the block diagrams manual page 36-43, there is no mode where the AES digital output follows Phones 3/4.

Your demand could be partly fulfilled in “Class Compliant Multi-channel mode” if you reverse connections, use Phones 3/4 for the analog insert path and USB for interfacing.

There is a loose announcement somewhere in this thread, that the digital outputs AES / SPDIF(coax+optical) will be internally accessible separated in a future update.
When that happens you can use those for interfacing to you DAW.

The speaker headphones output on Main 1/2 is no problem, ADI-2 Pro detects if a headphone is plugged in and switches to another set of settings.

Re: Adi-2 Pro fs as digital volume control + da/ad loop

Thank You for quick reply!

I'll won't hurry with the new speakers then.

But I guess Adi-2 pro fs's main in/out ad/da can be routed to optical connection? That way I could use it as a main insert ad/da and connect the speakers straight to interface AES and use other solution for volume control. Maybe a dedicated RME USB control.

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Re: Adi-2 Pro fs as digital volume control + da/ad loop

Yes, or you connect ADI-2 Pro with USB.