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Topic: [Solved] UCX II, TotalMixFX after wakeup

Apologies if this question has been covered before, my search didn't bring up any hits.

I have a UCX II on Windows 10. I have setup a number of routings in TotalMixFX to connect a few outboard gears. If I'm not going to use the PC for several hours, I put it to sleep. After a wakeup, TotalMixFX seems to have forgotten the routings. Visually, everything looks correct. The channels are routed the way I want them. But sound doesn't actually get routed through them. I have to redo each submix for it to work again. Reloading the corresponding snapshot doesn't help either. I really need to redo each routing once more.

Is this a bug, a feature, or some oversight on my part?

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Re: [Solved] UCX II, TotalMixFX after wakeup

Try new 1.74b3

https://forum.rme-audio.de/viewtopic.ph … 50#p175750

MC wrote:

"This were the news for Windows 1.74B2:
Latest Windows versions have changed the signalling entering and return from standby mode. Version 1.74B2 addresses these issues, but is still compatible back to Windows 7. With another improvement on the same subject 1.74B2 fixes these possible issues:

- After sleep with power off of the interface TM FX routing is not activated. One needs to grab the faders in TM for the routing to become active.

- After sleep the mixer state is only partially restored."

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Re: [Solved] UCX II, TotalMixFX after wakeup

That did it. Thank you.