Topic: Analog input levels at -74


I have a new ADI-2 Pro FS black edition.  The analog input levels show as -74.0 from the moment I plug it in to power.  No other cables are attached.

If I touch my finger to either of the XLR push buttons for the analog inputs, I see the corresponding level spike to -45.0 for a second or two.

I have tried it on 3 different circuits in my home, all 3 show the same -74.0 analog input level with nothing connected but the power supply.  I have tried a different 12V power supply, and still have the same results.

The unit also seems to run very warm.  It is much warmer than my main amplifier, even if the ADI-2 is just turned on and not doing anything.

How can I go about troubleshooting this noise?  I've looked at a couple of other posts regarding what seemed like similar issues, but nothing in them addressed what I am seeing.



Re: Analog input levels at -74

Noise on the display's meter should not go over around 92 dB (worst case at 768 kHz and +4 dBu), and the unit should not get 'very warm' doing nothing. There seems to be something broken which causes high current / power consumption. Contact your dealer to exchange this unit.

Matthias Carstens

Re: Analog input levels at -74

Thank you, doing that right now.