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Topic: AVB with media converters

Hi there,

I’m trying to use a media converter to connect my AVB hardware via lwl.

My Setup: 12mic, avbtool, Digiface avb, motu ultralite avb. Presonus SW5E.
Everything works together when connected via cat.

Right now I have these converters: tp-link MC220L (with GBIC TP-Link TL-SM311LM)

On this page I read that the converters should be fine for AVB:
https://support.biamp.com/Tesira/AVB/Li … t_switches

The media converters are working if I use them in between the devices. So in „direct“ connection without the switch.
If I have the switch behind the converters I cannot connect. For example the 12mic is saying „WaitingForRegistration“. I can reach the web interface though.

I guess it is about the „peer delay adjustment“? Also mentioned on the biamp-website.

Is there any way to make this stup work? Probably I need different switches? So which switch does work with media converters?


Re: AVB with media converters

Hi Benni,

welcome to the forum and thanks for already doing a bit of research yourself. You are correct that you either need a switch that allows you to increase the peer delay threshold, or a switch that offers SFP ports for fiber transmission. I have no idea what the default setting is in the Presonus SW5E, and how much this would have to be increased in order to solve the issue, since that also depends on the converter. Maybe the folks from Presonus can help?
AVB switches with fiber I/O (or SFP/SFP+ cages for fiber modules) would, for example, include:

- L'Acoustics LS10
- Luminex GigaCore 10
- Netgear M4250-10G2F with additional AVB4212P AVB License

Best regards,

Re: AVB with media converters

Thanks Max!

I wrote to the support of presonus. The answer is that I cannot change anything on the switch, because it is not a managed one.
Too bad, because I won‘t buy new (not really cheap) switches just to be compatible to fiber. (When I need fiber the next time, I will use MADI to connect the 12mic and the AVBtool - much cheaper solution)