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Topic: Brand new ADI-2 with shrill distortion?

Hi guys... I first purchased an ADI-2 when they originally hit the market in 2019, but due to that endless search for audio nirvana, I sold it and ventured elsewhere. That was until a HiFi show discount and demo with decent headphones last weekend swayed me again and I'm really happy to back in the RME fold...

However... I have an issue for which I need your esteemed help:

Win10 Korus Server fitted with Matrix Audio Element H USB3 Interface which is externally powered by an IfI PSU
jRiver Media Player v28
1m Furutech GT2 USB cable from the server to the DAC
Chord XLR cables from the balanced out to an Accuphase E306 Amp
Internally and externally stored flac 16/44 files and above

Excuse the poor quality, but here is an externally grabbed recording, in which, what I can only describe as a shrill distortion appears. The audio file I'm playing is a .dff rip of an SACD. I've played lower res files too but the noise gets shorter and gradually disappears into the background, although it can still be heard...

The noise in question can be heard at 3 and 32 seconds:

https://www.dropbox.com/sh/ozjlx9kxvxxb … L5CSa?dl=0

So... any ideas as to the source of this noise and suggestions to stop it?

Many thanks in advance smile

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Re: Brand new ADI-2 with shrill distortion?

Does the same noise always appear at the same time position in each playback file?
Then it‘s a problem with the file itself, maybe a bad rip.

If possible, countercheck with another audio path, maybe plug headphones directly into the server.

Something else, very unlikely, but possible:
Level too high for the Accuphase, lower ADI-2 DAC’s “Reference Level” by one or two steps.

Re: Brand new ADI-2 with shrill distortion?

Thanks for the feedback KaiS... I can confirm that it was and issue with every dsf and dff file... however having done a factory reset earlier today before reading your post, the issue has vanished. Indeed, I've just plugged a pair of 600ohm DT880's in and the reproduction is giving my Stax earspeakers & driver combo a real run for their money... I'll monitor playback and report back if it reappears...

Thanks again for the help smile