Topic: Fireface UFX+ cause bluescreen

I use my UFX+ with NUC8 thunderbolt3 before without any problem.
Today I plug it into my laptop with intel gen-11 and thunderbolt 4 which cause bluescreen with message:
It will crash immedately after ufx+ host light up, even without driver.
Dose this means tb4 controller doesn't compatable with ufx+?
I use apple tb3 to tb2 adapter and a apple tb2 cable to connect.


Re: Fireface UFX+ cause bluescreen

Yes, it basically means your laptops's TB is currently flawed. Search for the latest drivers and firmware updates for that laptop...until it starts working...which might take some months...

Matthias Carstens

Re: Fireface UFX+ cause bluescreen

Update driver to 1.41.1193.0 will solve this problem.
The thunderbolt driver core is all same, so this driver should works: … 193-0.html