Topic: UFX+: Intermittent buzz on front panel analog inputs

I noticed this started happening today on my UFX+ (which is now 4 years old, and had a replaced power supply).

Very sporadically (like once every 5-10 minutes), I notice this specific short buzz happening in the signal I'm recording over front panel inputs (for now I tried inputs 9 and 10, so two leftmost ones). The buzz actually ends up in the recorded signal, it's not happening only on the output to my speakers.

You can hear this on these two DI guitar samples:

I tested my computer with LatencyMon and everything is green/checks out. However I'm not convinced this is a software related issue (otherwise why would the buzz appear in the recorded audio?).

My UFX+ is set at 128 samples buffer size, runs at 48k, and is connected to my compuer through USB3 (Thunderbolt connection seems to be shot - I'm not sure if it's the cable or the TB addon card, or TB chip inside UFX+ that blew during a thunderstorm caused power outage over a year ago). Above examples were recorded with Reaper.

I can provide any further info necessary in order to troubleshoot this, just tell me what. I'm getting desperate sad

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Re: UFX+: Intermittent buzz on front panel analog inputs

It seems the cause of this issue was the Wi-Fi antenna that I had connected in order to be able to connect to the Internet until Ethernet sockets in the walls that we have in our new house were functional. As soon as I plugged into the wall socket for the Internet connectivity, I couldn't notice this buzz reappearing. Apparently the 2.4 GHz/5 GHz dual band operation of Wi-Fi antenna occasionally created an interrupt with my wireless peripherials (keyboard+mouse), which created a short deadlock in the system which also somehow affected the audio...

Strange that LatencyMon didn't see any of this as problematic, though. But it seems I'm back in action and everything working smoothly - I hope!

A very happy RME UFX+ & ARC owner

Re: UFX+: Intermittent buzz on front panel analog inputs

Excellent work tracking this down EvilDragon! And thank you so much for reporting back with your findings. I'm sure it will help others who may experience problems like this in the future smile