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Topic: UFX II and Cakewalk


The driver window in Cakewalk shows RME drivers that have names like USB analog 1 and USB ADAT 2, etc.

Since the audio going into Cakewalk and out of Cakewalk is through a USB cable and since the 10 soft synths are each using up  a stereo pair of channels, what does this have to do with ADAT and analog?

I replaced a MOTU 1248 today with the UFX II and the MOTU drivers just said USB, and I could have as many soft synths hooked up as I want.  Even though I can change the name of the drivers to my own names I am still wondering why the RME drivers are named the way they are and also why there are only 15 stereo pairs.  I thought that the number of channels USB channels would be a lot higher than 30, the 1248 allowed up to 64 at 44.1khz, 24bit.

Also, I have no idea what the WDM settings are for. 

In any event, everything is working as expected and the interface sounds superb.


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Re: UFX II and Cakewalk

All of these issues have been resolved.  No need to reply!