Topic: I can't set mac avb/eav mode

I can't get the audio signal from the 12 mic even if I convert the MacBook Pro 16-inch Thunderbolt 3 (USB-C) to Ethernet.

I can't set mac avb/eav mode in System Preferences.
Is it impossible for a MacBook without an onboard Ethernet terminal?

Is it impossible with Mac OS10.15+MacBook Pro 16(Thunderbolt 3 (USB-C) only) inches?

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The USB-Ethernet adapter may not provide AVB support... Not sure there is a suitable device of that kind, I must admit.
The RME Digiface AVB will work, of course.

Daniel Fuchs

Daniel Fuchs

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The first generation TB to GB Ethernet adapter supported AVB and remote boot. The second one didn't.

Made me almost loose my sanity, as the second gen. has the same looks and the same part number.

Thank you Apple!

Of course, I've never tested that from a USB-C to TB2 adapter.

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Thank you for your answers. I'm afraid I'll buy AVB tools, etc... It's good to understand.

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You do not have to be afraid to buy the AVB Tool, but please note that it is not an USB audio interface. To get the audio in or out of the computer, the primary solution is a Digiface AVB.

Sonnet provides a Thunderbolt - "Solo 10G" ethernet adapter that supports AVB according to Sonnet website. The first generation of those were shipped with a firmware that did not perform well with AVB (gPTP grandmaster was lost a few seconds after it was recognized). Sonnet provides an update on their website... for Windows. So in order to get macOS AVB working via Thunderbolt, you'd have to first flash the network adapter on a Windows computer or be sure that it has a current firmware.

But even if you have that adapter, the AVB implementation of Apple is a little bit different from the MILAN specification, and it is to the best of my knowledge not performing the same way on different macs and macOS versions. So it is difficult for us to support it. You can give it a try if you feel adventurous.

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Thank you for your valuable information.

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I bought a Sonnet SOLO 10G adapter that you taught me. 12mic recognized on Macbook Pro 16 inch. There is also a checkbox for AVB / EAV mode. Thank you very much. However, as you said, it didn't seem to work properly. It may be because it is connected without the AVB Switch.

On a different note, I was able to recognize it from the AVB control software when I first connected it to the Presonus NSB8.8 I / O box and put the throughout in 12mic.

On the contrary, when I connected to the 12mic primary port first and then connected the 12mic secondary port to Presonus NSB 8.8, the VB control software did not recognize it.

I don't know if the two ports on the Presonus NSB8.8 have something like a simple PoE feature, but in any case I should have an AVB Switch.

My job is recording in a concert hall.

What I wanted to do was install a YAMAHA digital mixer with a MADI card on the control side and 12mic on the stage side. Connect both with a MADI cable. I wanted to connect the Presonus NSB8.8 I / O box from the 12mic AVB port on the stage side to send analog sound to the video recording team, and to supplement the input that 12mic is not enough, but Presonus NSB8.8 It seems that the head amp gain of the I / O box cannot be achieved without the Presonus mixer. At least I want to assign a signal to the output of Presonus NSB 8.8, but I can't because I don't have an AVB Switch yet. Since there are two 12mic ports, I'm lucky if I can connect without an AVB Switch, but it seems impossible.

There was an idea that it would be simple to connect to a MacBook with AVB without even MADI face XT or UFX + for small-scale recording without having to bother to install a YAMAHA digital mixer, but I have to prepare Digiface AVB. It doesn't seem to be.

I spent too much money. In addition, we will prepare the equipment little by little. AVB was complicated. I want more peripherals to be compatible with other manufacturers.

Especially if you can output a signal from 12mic installed on a stage far away to other than the headphone terminal on the front, it will be very easy.

I would like NEUTRIK's NA2-IO-DPRO and Audinate DANTE AVIO adapters to be available in AVB.

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Hi east-power,

welcome to the club... smile
The RME AVB stuff is fantastic and sounds great. But forget about plug and play on the Mac without Digiface AVB. It worked for me for a couple of times. When I tried it a week ago my m AD32 pro appeared and disappeared about 5 times a second :-(
You can create a little thunderbolt chain (from thunderbolt 3 (looking like USBc) to Thunderbolt 2 and the from Thunderbolt 2 to Ethernet). As some people mentioned, the old thunderbolt to Ethernet adapter support AVB. However it doesn't work stable.
I can highly recommend the Digiface AVB. Everything rocksolid... but again an extra box :-/

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Hi mruebsamen ,

Thank you for the information. I would like to buy Digiface AVB or Madiface XT.

Someday, I'd like to connect an expansion box like Presonus' NSB8.8 to the AVB network from 12mic on the stage sleeve and focus on some sounds from 12mic.

The adat output is good, but it should be small.

Such versatility from various companies
I want an output device to come out.

Sending only 4ch to the video team, various things
Because there is a site. ..

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Hi east-power
How is it with your system incorporating 12mic and NSB? Planning to build an AVB system with Digiface AVB, 12MIC, Presonus SW5E and NSB8.8 where the main purpose of NSB for analog output to video streaming system.

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Hi 9s.recording.
Thanks for your reply.

I tried NSB when i bought the 12mic. 48KHz.
It was fixed and the power supply was AC so I stopped. I like to have a redundant power supply because I do a lot of live recording. Now I use a 12mic with MADI and AVB for double power, and the 12mic is powered by both AC and DC. I've settled on Digiface AVBs for the receivers, and the MADI is an 01V96i with a Yamaha MADI card.

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I can confirm the function of this adapter on the MAC M1.

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Thank you for the useful information.