Topic: Connecting Grace m108 to RME system

I am considering connecting an RME 12MIC Dante via MADI to an RME Fireface UFX+.  If I connect a Grace m108 via optical Dante to the 12MIC D, will I see all 8 Grace preamp channels and all 12 RME 12MIC preamp channels in TotalMix, or will I need to use the Grace interface in addition to Totalmix and my Reaper DAW?

I am using some of the analog inputs in the Fireface UFX+ with other analog preamps and effects units.

Re: Connecting Grace m108 to RME system

Yes you will see the signals from the Grace unit. The Totalmix of the UFX+ shows all possible channels all the time. A group of 8 channels will then be occupied from your Grace, watch the signals.

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