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Topic: Driver or hardware Susceptibilty and symptom after a crash

This has happened to me more than 3 times. I'm running a very complex mastering session in Sequoia and suddenly the sound stutters and the computer freezes.

At that point I restart the computer and laboriously get back into the session. But there is a sonic problem in the monitoring. I'm using MADI 1&2 out to monitor. That feeds the RME MADI to AES boxes. The problem is that the right channel sounds dull. High frequency response on the right channel is rolled off. It takes a moment to realize something is wrong.

I haven't proved whether the problem is caused by the driver or the hardware. As a shotgun approach to fixing I restart the computer, update the MADI driver and I shut the computer down, thereby "resetting" the MADI card, and the sonic problem is fixed.

Power cycling the MADI-AES box does not fix the problem so it must be in the MADI card or the driver.

Was it the shutdown that "repaired" the hardware or the installation of the driver?  Any thoughts on all of this. I am not an expert at locating the source of a crash in Windows 10....  I would need step by step instructions to find the log.