Topic: Hammerfall Multiface II PCI card Version 1.9

I have the Hammerfall Multiface II with the PCI card Version 1.9 on an ancient computer and I am looking to upgrade -- I read someplace about how the newer PCI slots are a different standard than the old - I am looking to pick up a somewhat old Dell 7040 I7 which is a sort of newer Dell that I am sure is the newer standard but it still has a PCI slot.

Should I worry or will it work fine?


Re: Hammerfall Multiface II PCI card Version 1.9

Further info and the post that made me nervous (I have not seen this any where else and it was not about an RME card):

The 7050 7060 advice is bad advice because PCI 1.0 to 2.1 is not supported on newer models.  Fitting into the slot is not the same as working. What this means is older slower 5V cards do not work in systems that require PCI 2.3    So here is the deal.  You want an older model that supports BIOS not UEFI and still works with older os including MSDOS.

That means you Want an OPTIPLEX MINI TOWER not DESKTOP OR SFF because they have itty bitty proprietary power supplies.

The models that fit this are GX620 thru 760.