Topic: New Install Report: Compaq nc6400 + 64studio 3beta3 + MultifaceII

Compaq nc6400 Core2duo T7200 2.0gHz Merom CPU 667FSB 320gb 7200rpm SATAII HD, 4gb DDR2 RAM, Texas Instruments Cardbus Controller

64Studio 3.0 beta 3

RME Interface:
Multiface II w/Cardbus Hostcard

Initial Results:
RME HDSP driver works on first boot.  Clean playback and recording in Ardour down to 2.9ms, 1.5 seems ok but higher cpu.  So far the laptop is very responsive and the metering and playroll in Ardour fast and smooth.  Prior to the new drive install I tested the 64studio 2.0 livecd image on a USB key, this also worked loading appropriate RME module.  The Intel wireless iwl3945 was missing ucode, so after placing this in /lib/firmware, it has worked fine.

jonathan adams leonard