Topic: Hammerfall 9652 PCI - Snow Leopard


I will be honest; I am using a Hackintosh. I know it is an unsupported platform, and I know I am breaking the EULA. My question is a technical one;

How difficult would it be for RME to write a 64bit driver for Snow Leopard 64bit, so that people like me can continue to utilize our PCI Hammerfalls? At the present moment, I've taken mine out of my machine at present, as it doesn't work. What are the chances of this being fixed in the future?

I understand; the card is 10 years old, and times change. But the card is still perfectly good, and it would be a shame to waste it. Are there any cards that RME manufacture, that will presently or in the future work with Snow Leopard 64bit ?

Re: Hammerfall 9652 PCI - Snow Leopard

absolutely no chance. also working on a hackintosh. I had the very first, old hammerfall PCI. there was no intel driver.
then I tried to run a HDSP PCI card under OS X and it worked, but it was not perfect integrated in the system and there won't have been a chance to get digicheck working.

so I made the choice and buyed a couple of new RME RAYDAT cards. they are running perfect on my hackmac and everything is fine. digicheck is also working. so why bumping arround with old PCI cards ?


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