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Topic: RME cable please help!!

hello :)

i just bought an rme 9652 off ebay for a second machine , I bid a whopping 90 uk pounds and just about won, the description said "includes expansion board good working condition"

however the seller has emailed me to say he made the ribbon cable from an old floppy drive cable.As he didn't have the original,  he suggests that if i do not need the expansion board to not try the cable in case it breaks the card. :/

does anyone know where i could get a proper cable for this card or how the pin configuration should be?


I'm really worried now as i need the extra channels hence i bid so much.

any help or advice would be great. :)

thanks : )

Re: RME cable please help!!

on the 9636 PDF the item code is :

Internal flat cable to Expansion Board

i wonder if they are for sale? 

or if there is a diagram at the RME HQ?