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Topic: Many problems with Sonar 8.5.3

I have had a FF800 for awhile now. Lately i have begun having issues with it, almost every session.
The Sonar project i have open will crash, and the FF800 will crash with a looping sound.
It sounds like a single cycle waveform or something similar.
No red LED comes on until I quit Sonar, switch off the FF800 (stopping the sound) and powering back up the FF800.
When i do this, the red LED comes back on and i cant get it to attach until the computer reboots. Then it works fine.
Last weekend, i was playing some songs via winamp and it happened again. i always thought it was a sonar issue.

I think theres a problem with my FF800. Mattias suggested perhaps a bad power supply.
Where is my local service center?

I live in Denver, Colorado, USA.

WinXP sp2, 1 gb RAM
FF800 with latest XP drivers
Dell SC430 with TI chipset firewire drivers.

Re: Many problems with Sonar 8.5.3

The authorized service center in the US is located in Ohio, please send me an email with details (serial number, contact info, address, etc) and I will issue a return authorization so you can send the unit for testing and service if necessary.

Jeff Petersen
Synthax Inc.