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If you are, or know of a dedicated supplier of audio PCs, please mail me a short summary of the/your company, including a link to the website etc. I will add the information to this thread, in no particular order.

Daniel Fuchs

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Digital AudionetworX

Based in Berlin, Germany, we at DA-X have built up a lot of experience and
know how in configuring dedicated audio PCs over several years. From the
days of Windows XP until now, we select carefully all parts from the CPU,
Mainboard, Chipset and Controllers to achieve highest performance.
Testing the interdependencies of all components is an integral part of the
development process.

We offer systems for home recording, pro studio and live gigs, from desktop
or rack systems to laptops. Our dedicated Samplestation provides a special
configuration for using large sample libraries like VSL.



Pro Audio and Computer Technology

Manufacturer of Audio- and Video PC-Systems
PC-Systems for Musicans, Studios and Broadcast

We also configure complete Audio workstations, studio bundles and external storage solutions
Feel free to call us: +49 6142 55 00 850


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French DAW builder

Entry level to dual-cpu turnkey DAW.
Shipping or on-site installation.


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Building dedicated Audio Computer Systems in Athens, Greece. We design,
test, assemble, tweak and support Audio Computers for recording, mixing,
editing, producing or DJ-ing. Our complete and custom solutions fit Home,
Project or Professional Studios and any other music-making activity.

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Purrrfect Audio

Bridging the gap between expert technician and accomplished musician

Purrrfect Audio was created to design/build the best Digital Audio Workstations in the world - AND - trail-blaze the creative use of them.
We're passionate about these tools because we understand them as both technicians and professional level end-users. / Jim Roseberry


ADK Pro Audio

Pro Audio Computers

Setting the standard for Digital Audio Workstations, ADK offers Pro Audio PC's to fit near any budget from beginner to world class studio, Composer to 192 I/O capable Live Rigs.