Topic: Steady Clock and the ADI - 2

As a pretty ignorant newbie, I'm wondering about the absence of sync or wordclock in/out on the ADI2 - if the unit cleans up jitter as well as is claimed, how do I then use this clean clock to sync all my other gear to? I am using an old protools mix system and as yet do not have a master clock source - I always used to use (when working in A/V land) blackburst/composite video courtesy of BBC1 from a domestic tv tuner - any reason why not to use this as opposed to spending a few hundred on a master clock/ sync generator?

I'm probably revealing enormous gaps in my knowledge here, but a little humility beats staying ignorant, not?


Re: Steady Clock and the ADI - 2

The ADI-2 is a 2 channel AD/DA converter, not a clock distributor or similar. SteadyClock here is mainly working to ensure a as good as possible AD/DA conversion.

Matthias Carstens