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Topic: Strange window position

problem exists only with 2-bar level meter. I can't even close it smile Please tell me how to fix it? I've tried to trash preferences file but it didn't fixed this strange position of settings window.

[img align=C]http://www.pawelhebda.pl/RME.png[/img]

Re: Strange window position

no one?


Re: Strange window position

We can not reproduce as we are not able to move the small window to the position shown in the screenshot. You might fix this by changing the screen resolution to a smaller value temporarily, as all window positions are reset then automatically.

Matthias Carstens

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Re: Strange window position

Thank you MC but changing resolution didn't fix it at all sad this window always stays in the same "stupid" position. Ok I can live with that sad

Re: Strange window position

Similar thing happening for me, all DIGICheck windows are showing up in weird places, most of the time partly off screen. The usability of DIGICheck and TotalMix really needs an experienced OSX UI development team to work on it. No offense to the current developers, but it feels like they are windows developers that were asked to learn cocoa to throw something together.

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Re: Strange window position

Same problem here - Digicheck 5.92 in Windows 10.  Digicheck is appearing half way off my 3rd monitor, and it's permanently stuck there.  I cannot move it to bring it into full view...

   I tried changing the resolution on the monitor, and it brought Digicheck into full view, but I still cannot move it.  It's permanently fixed in it's location...

   Has Digicheck been discontinued?  This is very frustrating...   it makes Digicheck completely unuseable.

My graphic card is the Nvidia NVS 510.  I'm running Windows 10 64-bit.


Re: Strange window position

In contrast to that, Digicheck 5.92 runs without issues on these two different OS on the same hardware/system
- Windows 7 Professional SP1
- Windows 10, 1809 (parallel installation of Win10 for testing purposes)

Hardware: nVidia GTX980 4G Gaming, Driver v 390.77 (Xeon E51650v3, Supermicro X10Sri-F, 32GB)

The Window Positions / the complete DigiCheck Workspace which I use regulary restore without any issues with the expected window sizes and always at the same positions.

As I have only 1 connected screen, could this perhaps be a special case of a
- 3-screen solution or
- Windows 10 related to multi screen solutions or
- even simply nVidia driver related ?

I was curious how this issue looks, but can't access the image in the start post.
Could somebody please redo a screenshot and place it to a more common accessible location ?

Here the Digicheck workspace which I use regulary:



X10SRi-F, E5-1650v4, Win10Pro21H2, Cub10Pro, UFX+, XTC, 12Mic, ADI-2 Pro FS R BE, RayDAT