Topic: FF UC and FF 800, same drivers?

Hi There,
I'm so impressed with my new FF UC. I'm a sound designer for film and television in Toronto and have always been a Pro tools user but with the
advent of PT 9 I've finally been able to get out of the digi hardware trap. Currently I mostly use a Mac Book Pro (2.2 quad i7 10.6.6) and using the UC but I'm
considering an ff800 for my home setup and keeping the UC as my mobile unit when moving around from mix theatre to mix theatre. Are the drivers for
each unit compatible if I'm jumping back and forth from one unit to the other? I must say these units sound terrific. I don't do any music, mainly
sound design for cinema which means lots of layers and dense track counts once you combine atmos, specifics, design, foley... and I'm so damn impressed by
the separation and clarity even when things redline, think car chase, gun fights, horror, war battles... Amazing. Well done RME!