Topic: System (win 7) crash caused by "new hardware" ?

I am experiencing system crash which happen only when i am working on recording projects (this same computer does not crash for hours when doing anything else. I don't like to think of it but this coincide since i have installed a ff800. It spontaneously rebooted suddently and then lose latest edits in the project even they'd been saved, unless i have exited the project. So to play safe, i'm developing habit to exit often, since i crash like this 2-3 times in a 2 hours session!

I have desactivated "automatic restart" so i can get a nice blue screen which tells me this is caused by hardware.

Of course this could be memory which works differently with audio projects (nothingore than a dozen tracks until now though)...

Have latest non-beta drivers (december 2010)

Anyone have suggestions / opinion on this? Driver issue?

This hapoen under Sonar 8,5.3. Quad core, 8gb ram, win7 x64


Re: System (win 7) crash caused by "new hardware" ?

Make sure you are using Service Pack 1 and the "High Performance" power-profile.

Re: System (win 7) crash caused by "new hardware" ?

Yes I do smile

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Re: System (win 7) crash caused by "new hardware" ?

Curiously, had 4 more sessions afterward, and used 64bit Sonar instead of 32bit. Not a single crash. Just a coibcidence??.... Possibly a solution....