Topic: connecting a turntable to the FireFace UC

Hello, I am wanting to connect a turntable to the UC and
was confused on how to do it and set the matrix...

can a kind soul assist me please.


Re: connecting a turntable to the FireFace UC

RIAA corrections are most likely needed and how does one set the matrix for recording on that line.. sorry to be so novice on such great hardware.

Re: connecting a turntable to the FireFace UC

I don't understand your question about how to set the matrix...same as recording any signal?

I just recorded some of my own vinyls this way:
- connected the turntable to a regular good quality stereo amp with "phono in" (= input with phono preamp/RIAA)
- switched the amp so that the phono-in signal appears at one of the tape outputs (mine has two)
- connected the tape out of the amplifier to a a non-preamp input on the interface
- amp has rca outs,  the interface has 1/4" inputs...I used an rca to 1/4" adapter
- set the said hardware-input to correct reference level (in this case -10 dBv)
- set the recording software to record said hardware input

That was it.