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Topic: Starting (me too !!) to experience problems FF800 + Sonar

I was reading about people having experienced long delay to arm a track under Sonar and in the first 2 weeks with my new FF800 I did not have this. But today, this problem has started.  Even just launching Sonar takes about 20-30 seconds, and arming a track for record gives me the spinning cursor for about 20 seconds or more. And it won't necessarily end by arming the track...

Worse: starting PLAY on a project also takes forever, but *nothing* comes out !! No led is moving in TotalMix, nor in Sonar, nor on the mixing board. What's wrong ?? I am in total panic here. I start to feel bad (since I read about this.... and just sold my Frontier Design card now... so no alternative, and I am working on an intensive project.

Nothing has changed since last session. Noothing was moved, unplugged, or anything. Just plain black sorcellery !!...

PROBLEM SOLVED (if this can help others...)

Ok, don't shoot me... Just suddently remembered there was an... external HDD connected on same FW card. *But* there was no single glitch since it was connected there with the FF800.... Until today DeadHorse   Just disconnected it and... everything is back to normal.  (Too bad, this was the only place this HDD was working good, always recongnized, never lost after a while...)

Re: Starting (me too !!) to experience problems FF800 + Sonar

Thanks for sharing your experience. It was interesting and, I hope it helps others who have the same problem.
Good luck