Topic: Babyface. Line out 1-2 for headphones.


I'm considering buying the Babyface, but I'm concerned about the volume with 300 ohm headphones like the HD650.

Since "Line out 1-2" has 75ohm output impedance, and supplies more power (+9 dBu unbalanced), can it be used to drive HD650's better?

Could it be done with just XLR to TS adapters?



Re: Babyface. Line out 1-2 for headphones.

That doesn't help. Just about 1 dB more level, but a small loss again due to the higher output impedance. I think you misread the specs somehow.

Matthias Carstens

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Re: Babyface. Line out 1-2 for headphones.

Thanks for clarifying that MC.

My current interface is loud enough for me using HD650's. It's headphone output specs are:
Max Output Level into 32 ohms    +6.8dBV, typical
Power into Ohms                         150 mW into 32 Ohms
Output Impedance                       75 Ohms

How much difference in volume would the Babyface Phones 3/4 be?