Topic: Logic Pro Fireface400

My FIREFACE400(ver 2.91)is connected thru G-DRIVE 1Tb 7200RPM FireWire800 with FireWire400-800 cable. Using new Imac I3 with 4Gb running Mac OS 10.6.7 with Logic Pro 9 and Komplete7 pre-installed. I cannot get Logic to recognize input thru channel 1 (Nord Electro2 mono output) as per RME user guide. FIREFACE settings and mixer(Analog Input Mic1 level21)m do show on MAC display and appear to work, but cannot find input in Logic or Kontact4. Is this software or hardware proplem?

Re: Logic Pro Fireface400

Is this connected with your other question, and your lack of a MIDI connection from the Nord to the computer?  As you're expecting results from Kontakt, I suspect it is.

Are you clear about the difference between audio and MIDI?