Topic: Dell 690 and 2 x HDSPe MADI cards+

I am considering purchase of a Dell Quad-Core 690 workstation for use with 2 x HDSPe MADI cards. Are there any known issues with this combination anyone is aware of?

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Re: Dell 690 and 2 x HDSPe MADI cards+

hi . dell 690 has 3 pce slots. 1 16x and two 8x(wired 4x).   but you will probably need a monitor or 2 using a video card at  16x slot  , and  broadband internet or fax modem with a 8x(4x).
  there are more 2 pcix slots and a pci for use.
  it is very complicated but i would try to. it seems a good machine. incoming t7400 dell has more pci express slots.
  they are very expensive machines as well.
  if you need more than 4 gb ram you must use 64 bit windows system.
tc powercore ,for instance, is x1.
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