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Topic: RME and Windows 7 Sample rate conversion


A quick read around the web seems to establish that the SRC quality of Windows 7 (possibly Vista as well) is horrible at best - and i agree.

I know this is a rather bold feature-request, but would it be possible to dedicate a (virtual) pair of Total Mix channels to Windows and grant it exclusive mode to windows. This way the windows audio-engine would output at native sample-rate into the rme-driver (RayDAT in my case) and any required src would happen in total mix with a much better algorithm taking care of things? I realize there is latency + cpu overhead involved .. still - i'd go for it.

Alternatively - does anybody know if its possible to change the default Win 7 SRC algorithm / quality?

Rune / FishCorp

PS: Also it seems the (rant) simley triggers on r-a-n-t (without the spacing .. can't write the word) .. making it hard to write g-r-a-n-t

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