Topic: Few questions about DMC-842

First of all I have to say.....Cool unit.
I am not familiar with the digital mic technology well enough.
Does it use less power?
I would assume so.
And is there a battery powered stereo pre/recorder possible to achieve?
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Re: Few questions about DMC-842

The DMC uses as much power as a Micstasy. The mics themselve use more power as they include additional electronics. And battery recorders are available, but not directly for digital mics, only for AES/EBU signals.

Matthias Carstens

Re: Few questions about DMC-842

I was interested in an RME battery powered stand alone digital recorder.
Never mind. I have been bothering you about that for a long time.
As I said before an ADI-2 with a firewire connection to a computer will be amazing.
Apogee ads USB and Firewire to there Mini MP.
Would be nice if you can make something similar.
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