Topic: What RME gear for this project studio?

      I have done some research and decided that rme is the gear i would like to use in my project studio, but have found myself a little bit confused by all the options.

What would be the best rme setup for 16 balanced analog inputs and outputs?

The needs of the system would be thus : preamps for the 16 inputs (to be used simultaneously)
                                                        stereo master out for monitoring (will be doing all mixing in the computer)
                                                        3 stereo outputs for artist monitors

I would be looking at a pci express solution and would like the absolute lowest latency possible.

It looks like i would need 2 Octamic II's, a HDSPe AES, and 2 Bob32's ?
With the amount of options on the rme site , i'm kinda stumped as to if this is the right mix of gear to achieve the above, or whether it is enough ports to connect it all together.

Any help in selecting the right stuff would be great!

Re: What RME gear for this project studio?

Hmmm, 41 views, no responses, funny way to go about getting 4-5k of sales from me, but they find time to respond to the guy whose totalmix f1 help is not working, not by giving him any help either....
Looks like i'm going with another brand.

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Re: What RME gear for this project studio?

I have a similar post that I haven't had a reply to yet.  You might try the same post on the Hdsp section and see if you get any help. Maybe the guys with more experience stay within their specific arenas. 

All the best.