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I have Babyface with the latest firmware and driver updates and am using it on Windows 7 SP1 x64. The thing is TotalMix sometimes doesn't start when I startup my PC. Why could that be and how can I solve this problem?



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Locate the totalmix exe and put a link to it on the desktop. Next time you miss it double click the link. Does it work then?

Matthias Carstens

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And today my FirefaceUSB icon didn't show up in the tray. It is running in the background as I can see it in the task manager but the icon isn't there. I found firefaceusb.exe in System32 folder under Windows folder and run it and the window opened but the icon in system tray was still missing and when I closed it it didn't appear either. I tought that this could be some weird Windows 7 bug, but it happens only with those two icons (firefaceusb & totalmixfx), so I guess it's something about them?

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So, any idea why does that happen from time to time and how to prevent it?

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And today neither of them appeared. I had to restart the computer again. What is causing this?

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And just now I had to reboot twice as the first time none of them appeared and the second time only the Fireface USB Settings. The third time it was both thankfully. Can anyone please help me about that so I won't have to reboot my PC all the time?

PS: Merry Xmas to you all! smile

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I solved the problem, it was a Windows problem. If anyone else has such a problem, do as I did:

Get CCleaner (it's free), and run it with the option "Tray notifications cache" under "Advanced" enabled. That's it, all the icons now appear at every startup, always. smile