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Topic: suggested better names for drivers

I find there should be unity between the names printed on the audio interface and the Input Drivers Names. Examples in the case of Fireface UC:

MIC/LINE Inputs 1&2 USB (Asio)                     instead of          ASIO Fireface USB Analog 1 (1);
INST/LINE Inputs 3&4 USB (Asio)                   instead of           ASIO Fireface USB Analog 3 (1);
BALANCED LINE Inputs 5&6 USB (Asio)           instead of           ASIO Fireface USB Analog 5 (1);

I find this would make more sense when working in a DAW and choosing the recording source.

The output drivers should be named simply 1&2 USB, 3&4 USB, 5&6 USB....... 17&18 USB since they can be routed anywhere to the physical outputs. The actual names lead many who are new to Total Mix into confusion. They don't immediately understand the difference between the 2nd and the 3rd row and that the 2nd row is, in fact, their DAW's output drivers.

It's just a suggestion wink

Fireface UC (hardw. rev. 123, driver 1.168) | Gigabyte GA-EP35-DS3R | Windows 10 Pro x64