Topic: Questions about HDSPe MADI FX and TotalMix

Hi All,

I'm considering a HDSPe MADI FX for the I/O to plug in all my synths and effects (no room for a physical mixer). I do have a couple of questions about it as I have never used an RME product before.

1) Can any physical I/O be configured as anything within the TotalMix mixer? e.g. could I configure a physical output on an interface to be an aux send? Or an I/O pair to be a channel insert for a hardware compressor?

2) Does the TotalMix software need to be running at all times when the card is in use - like some DSP solutions (specifically SC Xite-1) or is it only run to change a configuration (like MOTU's Firewire interfaces, for example).

Thank you!