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Topic: 5.1 Surround Downmix in TotalMix FX

Good morning.

This might relate to another sub section of this forum, but this is my first post, so please forgive me if my first post is misplaced.

I am trying to set up a generic 5.1 downmix inside Totalmix FX, for Headphones and Stereo confidence monitoring
The web is full of different views on how to set up a generic 5.1 downmix .....

Quote from Wikipedia on Surround Downmix settings

Left total/Right total (Lt/Rt)

Lt/Rt is a downmix suitable for decoding with a Dolby Pro Logic upmixer to obtain 5.1 channels again. Lt/Rt is also suitable for stereophonic sound playback on a hi-fi or on headphones as it is.

Lt = L + -3dB*C + -3dB*(-Ls -Rs)

Rt = R + -3dB*C + -3dB*(Ls + Rs)

(where Ls and Rs are phase shifted 90°)

Does RME agree that this is the proper math to do a generic 5.1 downmix ?
If so ...  how do you achieve a  90° phase shift in Totalmix FX ?
Does anyone have a better idea ?

Regards Nils