Topic: Troubleshoot iPhone TouchOSC Osx

Hi... followed the instructions to get TouchOSC (1.8.1) controlling Totalmix 0.989 osx.

Here is the problem:

In Totalmix/Options/Settings/OSC1 if i leave my incoming port to "0", then Totalmix WILL control TouchOSC but not the other way around!

As soon as i enter "8000" in the Port (incoming) section in Totalmix, then all communication stops, including the sent messages, and nothing works.

Has anyone else experienced this? Am I missing something?



Re: Troubleshoot iPhone TouchOSC Osx

Yes. The port must also be set correctly in TOSC.

Matthias Carstens

Re: Troubleshoot iPhone TouchOSC Osx

Thanks for the quick reply... it's working now I missed a step