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Hi guys,

I've recently took the plunge and purchased a Fireface 400. I'm loving it so far, amazing little device but can anyone with DigiCheck explain how it works in operation? Does it directly monitor the outputs or the inputs of the device (or both)?

As an example, I have my monitors directly cabled to outputs 1/2 - should I be able to see movement in the Spectral Analyser if I play an audio track in my DAW? Its not working and I cant seem to work out how to configure it to monitor the outputs.

Am I being a spanner?

Thank you!

Re: DigiCheck Question

There's a sophisticated online help for Digicheck. F1 is your friend...

Daniel Fuchs

Re: DigiCheck Question

Hello Rorscach, i`m just curious about the sound quality when you play audio from cd - rom on the computer, and if you have tried playback frorm Winamp, VLC, or WindowsMedia player, movie software players ? Do you get good sound quality ?

Have you expirienced compability problems due to drivers ?