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Topic: Could you please validate this setup

user of an hdspexpress + Multiface II on PC
now switching to MAC ...

here is the setup I'll buy, please validate before :

Computer :
http://www.macway.com/fr/product/26989/ … r-ext.html

Adapter :
http://www.macway.com/fr/product/25550/ … ie-20.html

Cable :
http://www.macway.com/fr/product/26736/ … t-1-m.html

The links are in a french store, so all the features are described in french ...

here is the setup written in English :

MacBook Pro 15" Core i7 quadcore 2,3 GHz 4 Go 500 Go 5400 tr
tweaked :
2 x 8 Go SODIMM 1600 MHz DDR3 PC3-12800
Samsung SSD 840 - 500 Go 2.5" SATA III   
Storeva Disk Doubler - Adapter 2,5" SATA

Sonnet Echo Pro - Adapter Expresscard/34 Thunderbolt (PCIe 2.0)

Cable Tbolt TBOLT1M  (brand KANEX)

and if this setup fits my needs and is ok with my rme card, a question more :

- My thunderbolt port will be used with the sonnet & rme card
- I want to use a 2nd screen

I can't see any display port on the mac, it seems that it's changed by the thunerbolt ...

Solution ?


Re: Could you please validate this setup

validated, full working