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I want buy a new laptop: Lenovo or Asus, according

I need some suggestions for these 3 laptop brands. For Recording + Video + Photoshop, what's the BEST?

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I would strongly recommend the Lenovo T or W series (the 530 is the newest model I believe, although I am currently using both the T520 and the W520, sometimes with a MadiFace and at other times with a Magma expansion chassis, both connected via the ExpressCard Slot). The Lenovo's have been flawless and work great for me and a few others I know. They are very powerful, depending on the CPU and discrete GPU you choose, however I tend to use the Intel HD graphics [not the discrete graphics cards] as some of the graphics card drivers hog resources and lead to DPC spikes.

If you do a search within the forums, you will come up with some good info. See the following links for some information regarding the Lenovo units from myself and another user, Ulrich, both with very positive results. What is great above these Lenovo laptops, is that you can utilize 3 separate physical hard-drives in the one laptop, (one being a tiny mSata SSD in the WAN slot under the keyboard) with no external hard-drives attached, and can then transfer via USB3 on the newer or more expensive W series models). … 99&p=1

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@SuburbanStudio: You Are The Best! Thank so much :-)