Topic: from Vintage Stuff to Linux WAS: RME PCMCIA / Cardbus with Expresscard

stevedecay wrote:

Just thought I would share my joy... I use a Multiface I, and after purchasing a fully loaded Dell m6600, I discovered to my dismay that my new laptop wouldn't work with the RME HDSPe Expresscard interface.  So I took a chance and ordered a Expresscard to cardbus adapter from Amazon and lo and behold, my old RME Cardbus interface performs beautifully.  Rock solid I might add.

Here is the link: … roduct_top

This is even better considering the problems I had matching an Audio Card with ProTools 10 (which seems to love RME, but so far hates Focusrite and God knows what else).

If you're like me and stuck with an Audio unfriendly laptop, and don't want to go through expensive upgrades, or a lot of frustration playing hit and miss with different components, this might be a happy solution.

Steve <3


RME Multiface I with PCMCIA Adapter ( ExpressCard to CardBus Laptop Adapter CB2EC)

ProTools 10
Dell m6600
Dual 7200 RPM Hard Drives
Core i7
16G Ram
NVidia Quadro 3000m

has anyone tried this combination on Linux?