Topic: WL8 losing connection to RME cards


Our studio has 9 DAWs with Windows7(64), WaveLab 8.5.2, and RME AIOe or AES32e cards (lastest drivers). Windows sounds is turned off. WL audio device set for ASIO.

Through out each day, between launches or boot ups or changes in sample rate, WL8 will lose its connection to the RME card. You hit play but the cursur does not move and no sound is played. The work around is to reopen VST audio connections and hit REFRESH. All 9 DAWs behave this way but it is not consistent; that is it does not lose connection every time.

But why does WL keep losing the audio connection? It shouldn't. The audio card configuration has not been changed nor are other apps grabbing the card, as far as I know. I tried deactivating WDM devices in the card control panel, but that has not helped.

This never happened in XP/WL6 or earlier. It is frustrating the staff here. I have posted this problem at the Steinberg WL forum, but thought to post here as well should there be a hardware solution.



Re: WL8 losing connection to RME cards

If you change the sample rate the driver reloads. If that is initiated by WL it should be no problem. But if WL is running alongside something else, and the sample rate change happens outside of it, then the loss in communication would be normal.

Under XP you most probably used older drivers that never reloaded the devices upon sample rate change.

Matthias Carstens

Re: WL8 losing connection to RME cards

Hi Matthias,

WL is the only active audio application, nothing running alongside. I do have PT11 installed on these systems but they are not active, not even a dongle for them is installed. 

Some of our DAWs use external sync for recording, so I do expect some manual resetting in that scenario. But others are internal sync for playback only so all SR changes are initiated by WL. ALL exhibit this lose of communication.  I am not totally sure SR is always the trigger because the loss of communication is not consistent. It may be happening simply with computer reboots.  I need to research more strictly to nail the trigger down. 

I do have WL's audio card preference selected to "reset driver on sample rate change", if that is a clue.  But I would expect that having drivers reload upon SR change would ensure proper communication, not interrupt it.

Re: WL8 losing connection to RME cards

So, nearly 3 months later this problem persists.  Over at the WaveLab 8 forum, a good number of users are reporting the same issue. You can read that thread here... … mp;t=75227

No solution, nor official acknowledgment, has materialized over there, so I bring the issue up again here.