Topic: Website and Forum update - Registration

Dear Forumsters,

please note that we changed the link to the forum, it is now available under forum.rme-audio.de. As you get automatically forwarded the only thing you will notice is that you have to log-in again with user name and password. Your old cookie no longer works due to the changed adress, so a new one will be generated in your browser.

We are also working on the website (super high performance low latency mods) these days, so don't worry if something seems broken or doesn't load as expected. Work should be finished before the weekend.

Matthias Carstens


Re: Website and Forum update - Registration

So work on the website took more time than expected, but the result is quite stunning. Although the website looks like before, under the hood nearly everything got renewed. As a result we have

- drastically reduced the CPU load on our server
- drastically sped up page creation and anything else
- drastically sped up page delivery by prerendering them on the server
- improved security by closing potential holes for intruders
- updated everything to the latest state
- worked on optimizing the html pages
- fixed numerous bugs

As a result the 'grade' achieved by popular tools like YSlow and Page Speed rose significantly.

The RME server is located in Germany, and we would like all our worldwide customers to have the same quick access to the website and latest drivers as most europeans have. The above changes improved that, but not enough. Therefore we opted to add RME's website to a cloud distribution network (CDN - Content Delivery Network). The website is now cached by 23 servers world wide, giving you a quick, local access to RME wherever you are.

For technical reasons the forum does not use CDN. Due to the forum's low bandwidth requirements CDN does not bring much improvement anyway.

We hope you notice these improvements and enjoy the new, quicker website!

Matthias Carstens