Topic: Mixer control in CC mode


I am using a Babyface in CC mode under Linux. Alsamixer shows one mixer control for the babyface (corresponding to the single mixer interface in the USB descriptor). I may have missed something but I have not found what this control actually controls???

Secondly, when controling the "In" volume with the nob on the Babyface, only the left channel is affected. Not that it is causing a problem but is it the way it is supposed to be?

Finally, that would be very very good if I could read the exact gain set with the nob on the Babyface. Is there a way to do this with the current CC implementation?

BTW, this is a very good device.


Re: Mixer control in CC mode

OK got back to manual and for second question, it looks like pressing the nob allows me to set set the gain on whatever input (left/right).

Other questions still valid.

Re: Mixer control in CC mode

I do not have any mixer controls in alsamixer, and just 1 input and 2 output in pavucontrol (as expected).  For 3, could you measure it externally to the interface?