Topic: "Open Setup" or "Load Workspace" provoke DIGICheck to crash

Already on my previous DAW I had this problem but never took care of it. Now I did re-setup everything from scratch and I still have this issue. As OSX and every other software is completely new installed and also the Mac itself is another one, there's no obvious reason for this problem.

DIGICheck basically works fine. I can also save a Setup or a workspace into a dcsu/dcws file. But as soon I try to reopen a setup or a workspace, DIGICheck crashes and the setup/workspace won't be loaded. It just restart into its previous state - it reopens the windows as I had configurated before but it doesn't load the windows as I had stored in the dcsu/dcws file.
Unfortunately I can't use the "restore function" of DIGICheck.

Mac Pro 3,1 (2xQuad 3.2G CPU, 16GB Ram, 1TB SSD and other HDs, ATI Radeon HD 5770)
OSX 10.8.5 (fresh clean installation)
RME RayDAT (firmware Rev. 13, Driver v 4.05)
DIGICheck Version 0.690
UAD2 Octo (Plugin Versions 8.4.0)
Hosts Pro Tools HD 10.3.10, Cubase 6.0.7, Ableton Live 8.4.2
Some other software and Plugins
The DAW is fresh installed from scratch

Has anyone similar experiences or is there a solution for the proplem?

Many thanks


Re: "Open Setup" or "Load Workspace" provoke DIGICheck to crash

Do you try to load the file from the Finder? That doesn't work. You have to use DIGICheck, Menu File - Load Workspace or Load Setup. Then it should work.

If that doesn't work you could send us a workspace file to check it.

Matthias Carstens

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Re: "Open Setup" or "Load Workspace" provoke DIGICheck to crash

I did always open a Workspace or Setup file using Menu-File, never in Finder.
The behaviour still remains but there seems to be some differencies between various dcws files. I attached two files - one is crashing (a multi-window workspace on the 2nd screen), one is not crashing (a multi-window worksapce on the 3rd screen).
(During the tests the screens haven't been unpluged or changed - there are always the same 3 screens connected.)

The 2 workspace files: …

There's an additional issue: The one which is not crashing reopens the workspace but there will be opened only 4 of 5 windows, one window is missing (the 2-bar level meter) - i tried it several time, storing including the 2-bar level meter, but it did only reopen all the other 4 windows but not the 2-bar level meter.

And another detail - am I right, a 'Setup' file only opens one window while a 'Workspace' file opens a multi-windows setup? I couldn't find this information in the manual.

EDIT: regarding the crash issue - I found this thread: