Topic: Strange UCX problem (audio sounds like its fast forwarded)

I've been using my UCX in CC-mode under arch linux for about 2 months and its been working ok. Take it I do miss totalmix but the advantages of linux is just too great so I make due.

But recently I've had some issues with audio sounding like its fast forwarded.
I haven't had any problems for months and now I get it every other day.
What I do is I reboot in to a hdd with windows and in to linux again and it works.
Its not a problem that just comes from boot, but a problem that occurs after some time of use.

A couple of days ago I tried to upgrade the FW to see if that would help but it didn't.

I'm thinking about buying a ipad and to run the ucx standalone if these issues persists and using the digital ins and outs on the motherboard to transfer audio.

I know linux is not a supported OS but I know I'm not the only one running the UCX under linux.

I do appreciate your time and effort.