Topic: ADI2 Pro - DSD recording meaning what exactly...?

Hi everyone,
glad I found this forum - have a sort of "long" question.  Since there is no extra sub-forum for ADDA converters - I hope I'm right in this section.

I am strongly interested in the ADI2 Pro - looks like a dream came true. smile
Should serve me as the Pre-Pre-Interface for recording + decent Headphone Amp + USB connector.
Everything in one box - great job guys.

The functionality I am -really- looking for (in a perfect world) is this:

1) 2 ch Analog Source via XLR > ADI Pro 2 analog In || Check smile
2) Separate channel Input level Control for L / R || ? Not sure... but no showstopper.
3) Adjustable highpass filter for analog Input || Check ?
4) Equalizer stage (channel separated...) > do what I like to the signal or do nothing at all || Check I think
5) Digital output vs. analog... now it gets serious, and here is my main question:

I do own a Tascam DA3000 solid state recorder - would love to use the digital DSD -Inputs- of that machine, after the ADI2 Pro.
Can those two mate -digitally-?

Input Connection on the Tascam is:
SDIF-3 (unsymmetrical)
- Connector: 2 x BNC (L, R)
- Format: SONY SDIF-3/DSD-raw
- Clockfrequency: 44,1 kHz (at 2,8 MHz or 5,6 MHz)

Otherwise the Tascam can record every analog input to DSD 2.8 or 5.6 - no problem.

Generally I found very little info on the DSD "recording" possibilities of the ADI2 Pro in general.
The digital output modes for the ADI2 pro as listed online (in German):

• 1 x XLR, trafosymmetriert, galvanisch getrennt, nach AES3-1992
• Format Professional nach AES3-1992 Amendment 4
• Single Wire Mode, Samplefrequenz 28 kHz bis 200 kHz

SPDIF coaxial
• 1 x Cinch, nach IEC 60958
• Format Consumer (SPDIF) nach IEC 60958
• Single Wire Mode, Samplefrequenz 28 kHz bis 200 kHz

SPDIF optical
• 1 x optical, according to IEC 60958
• Format Consumer (SPDIF) nach IEC 60958
• Samplefrequenz 28 kHz bis 200 kHz

This looks as if the ADI2 Pro can give DSD recording output "only" as an analog signal, meaning "in the last step" there is a DA-conversion to the output signal.

It follows, that my DA 3000 must do another AD-conversion for the analog Input - which it is capable of of course. My "dream" is to avoid that DA-AD step for the recording device.

Also confused about the "BO968 breakout connector", it gives AES/EBU Input/Output and SPDIF coaxial Input/Output to the DIGI96/8 PRO which is no longer in Production (?) - maximum digital Input configuration for this card is 96/24.

My final conclusion:
The "best possible digital connection" between the ADI2 Pro and the Tascam is a 192 KHz / 24 Bit via the AES output or the SPDIF coax provided with the BO968 (the DA300 could accept 192/32 Bit as max. non DSD rate...)
"DSD recording capabilty" of the ADI2 Pro means that it outputs an "analog DSD-Quality-Signal", not a digital one.

Right or wrong? Or totally confused big_smile ...
THX for

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Re: ADI2 Pro - DSD recording meaning what exactly...?

DSD record means a DSD signal is available via USB and the digital outputs, the latter in DoP format. The Tascam does not support that. The ADI-2 does not support SDIF, so these two machines are not (DSD) compatible.

The reason DSD record has nearly no information in the manual is that there exists no simple and lower priced software to do so. We are currently working on ASIO native drivers, record/playback with Merging's Pyramix works already, also record/playback with a japanese software called Sound-It! (which needs to be fully translated to english first before it will go public). We also are currently in contact with the author of VinylStudio to make it work with the ADI-2 Pro.

At this time DSD record is neither popular nor readily available with the ADI-2 Pro. But that will change.

Matthias Carstens

Re: ADI2 Pro - DSD recording meaning what exactly...?

cool thanks !

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Re: ADI2 Pro - DSD recording meaning what exactly...?

Many thanks for clearing things up on this topic.

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Re: ADI2 Pro - DSD recording meaning what exactly...?

The latest firmware and Windows driver update fixes all bugs with DSD recording (Mac record distorted, Windows VinylStudio not working). So at least support for DSD is now fully functional.

Matthias Carstens