Topic: Phones 3/4 of all sudden in Mono


I performed a firmware upgrade from v76 to the latest firmware v81.

Phones 3/4 sounded strange like mono. Thought 1st maybe not properly plugged.
Didn't change the issue.

After a while I found in the I/O Settings of Phones 3/4 that this channel was in Mono mode.

I can't tell by heart whether I really enabled Mono or whether it happened
- by occasion or
- Firmware upgrade or
- while changing mode of operation to "DUAL Phones" ON

Would it be possible perhaps in the DARK Display mode to add a Mono and Stereo Symbol
to point this out very quickly, whether a channel works in Mono or Stereo mode ?

There is a little bit room left right beside "+ 4dBu" / "Lo-Power", so it would read:

Example for Stereo
Main Out 1/2
+4 dBu     oo   - 20.0
B  0.0  T  0.0

Example for Mono
Phones   3/4
+4 dBu     o     - 20.0
B  0.0  T  0.0

X10SRi-F, E5-1650v4, Win10 Pro 1909, Cubase, UFX+, XTC, ADI-2 Pro FS R BE, RayDAT, ARC USB