Topic: 192kHz SPDIF / DD+

I'm looking for an audio interface that supports 192kHz over SPDIF

The DigiFace USB looks like it might do this, but the wording could be interpreted as if all 4 SPDIF outputs would need to be used simultaneously to achieve this:

Therefore at 192 kHz either 8 channels via 4 x SPDIF or ADAT are possible on both inputs and outputs.

The use case is packing Dolby Digital Plus into a 192kHz PCM wav file, which includes IEC preamble bytes, then playing out to a test device that supports DD+ over ARC. Getting ARC rigged up is outside the scope for this discussion.

Thanks in advance for any insights!


Re: 192kHz SPDIF / DD+

192 kHz is supported with 2 channels per TOSLINK, input and output. So far there would be no problem. There might be one on your receiving side, as not all TOSLINK receivers are able to work with 192 kHz (exceeding their max data rate).

Matthias Carstens

Re: 192kHz SPDIF / DD+

Thanks for the quick response, Matthias!

That's great to hear - thank you for confirming what I suspected.