Topic: New linux drivers in recent linux kernel


I was wondering if there is anybody else who has RME gear and who is running a GNU Linux based OS, that there is now a new driver inside the mainline(?) kernel builtin. The problem is, the machines i tested it on, with a fireface 400, using the snd-firewire package, result in a hard freeze and thus, i have to blacklist it. It aims to use the alsa linux framework, but i wonder why because i dont think we will be able to use the device without a framework such as jackd or ffado-mixer...
The issues might be caused by my hardware (the via ie1394 host controller) or the firewire_ohci driver it utilizes. Note that this same card works fine in mac os, windows, or GNU Linux with jackd, and FFADO.

Perhaps if anybody here found out how to use the driver regardless please share!