Topic: How do YOU setup your synths with DAW/TotalMix for tracking?


Recently upgraded to a Fireface UC from an Audient interface due to more I/O requirements and lower latency.

I work with hardware synths controlled both from an MPC Live and Seuenced from the DAW and I'm struggling to find an ideal setup but I'm sure it's just my unfamiliarity of the situation and total mix

I want to track into Logic Pro X via the Fireface.

Problem : If I use Total mix routing at driver level (which is ideal as my DAW/PC then doesn't need to be on for me to play ) then I decided now I want to track some stuff into Logic Pro, I record a few Midi sequenced synths in..

Play it back and now I get double output, naturally the sequenced part still running through total mix (independent of DAW) as the MPC Syncs with Logic Midi clock and MMC and also the recorded part from the DAW - so 2x output.

So I think okay maybe I switch to DAW mode on total mix and route internally via Logic Pro - which actually doesn't really work that well because Arm track and input monitoring doesn't always seem to work 100% so sometimes there's sound sometimes there isn't despite all tracks being armed and input monitoring on. I'm not sure if this is a Logic bug or I'm doing something wrong.

So I would like to know if you guys have any suggestions, if maybe some of you have a similar hardware setup and can offer experience./knowledge or indeed anyone more familiar with Total mix perhaps could offer some mixing options that could help.

PS I'never really had this issue before as my Audient only had 2x inputs so I routed everything just via 1 track and didn't yet try multi tracking it as I honed my hardware playing skills whilst I waited and waited until I got an interface with more inputs,

Thanks in advance