Topic: fireface 802: 8 channel Stand-alone midi control

Hi there,

I am trying to select setup 1 with linux. I have setup the device with the options "Enable Stand Alone MIDI" and "Switch to CC-Mode on disconnect" in totalmix previously.

I plug in the fireface 802 into my linux computer.
I see the device :

$ amidi -l
Dir Device    Name
IO  hw:3,0,0  Fireface 802 (23816100) MIDI 1
IO  hw:3,0,1  Fireface 802 (23816100) MIDI 2

I then ask the device to use setup 1 :

$ amidi -p hw:3,0,0 -S 36 

I assume it works.

I then try to play a 2 channel track - it works !
I try to play an 8 channel track - it doesn't work.
I try to play an 4 channel track - it doesn't work.

Any help or suggestions on how to change what I am doing to get more then 2 channels ?